The Cesonia Collaboration Suite pilot has officially ended.

For any queries regarding your RFQ, please contact your responsible purchaser.

Did the pilot phase catch your interest in the Cesonia Collaboration Suite?
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The backbone for seamless collaboration

Cesonia offers a data-driven cross-company collaboration platform for end-to-end collaboration in sourcing and the joint development of complex systems and products with suppliers and partners in product development and manufacturing.


Accelerating product development through a supply chain-wide collaboration and consistent change management.


Optimizing the supplier selection process by managing and sharing tender documents and the easy comparison of offers.

Our Solutions

Requirements Mgmt.

Efficiently manage and validate complex product requirements and their dependencies in a single source of truth to reduce risk and errors.

Collaboration Network

Build efficient and reliable partner networks through the transparent and secure exchange and coordination of requirements.

Tender Mgmt.

Enable and support highly flexible purchasing processes by using customized content and short feedback loops between all stakeholders.

End-to-end, supply chain-wide collaboration

Digital Twin

Consolidation of “digital” and up-to-date inquiry and offer information in a digital twin.

Context-based Reconciliation

Reconciliation of different information – such as requirement, component, and price – in relation to each other.

Object-based reconciliation

Reconcile individual objects such as text modules and requirements thanks to “digital” information.

Consistent Change Mgmt.

Consistent and transparent change Mgmt. across multi-tiers thanks to revision-proof versioning and an audit trail

Helpful user reviews

“For me, the added value is that all data, documents, and their different versions are transparently available on the platform. For me, this is what the future of sustainable and cleanly documented purchasing looks like.”

OEM feedback

“The Cesonia Collaboration Suite is a very intuitive tool that allows an easy exchange of requirements requests, and change requests including the corresponding comments. It replaces the Excel lists used for this purpose today, which makes coordination much more efficient and more transparent.”

OEM feedback

“In my opinion, the CR process mapped in the system is a great gain in terms of increasing the speed of cooperation and collaboration.”

Supplier feedback

“A very powerful tool in my eyes. We will like to have a look at it for our purposes (subcontractor management) in more detail. look at it again.”

Supplier feedback