Managing Complex
Procurement Projects

Secure and Efficient RFx Collaboration

End-to-end, supply chain-wide collaboration

Single Poinof Truth

Object-based Collaboration

Process Consistency

Consistent Change Mgmt.

– Consolidation and coordination of “digital” information thanks to the accessibility of reliable data from their source systems

– Coordination of individual objects such as text modules and requirements thanks to “digital” information

– Barrier-free multi-tier collaboration with internal and external process partners thanks to automated processes

– Consistent and transparent change management across multi-tiers thanks to revision-proof versioning and an audit trail

Our solution

Different perspectives

Solution Insight

Clear and simple user interface


Consistent coordination

Procurement & RFx

Smooth RFx communication for more efficiency and transparency in communication and collaboration with suppliers.

Requirements Mgmt.

Seamless coordination of specifications with suppliers and supports short feedback loops and audit-proof change management.

Supplier Mgmt.

Deeper supplier relationships and appropriate supplier selection for improved supplier performance

What Experts Think About Us

Rainer Giese

Long-time expert in 
requirements management, BMW AG

The use of the Cesonia Collaboration Suite enables a significant improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of certain product development processes.

By providing lean, customizable support for processes and their workflows for exchanging, coordinating, and agreeing on development-relevant information, e.g. in requirements management and in the procurement process, processes become more efficient and easier to control. In addition, the fast, transparent provision of changed information and a consistent change management system is expected to lead to quality improvements in product development.

Wolfgang Güllich

Former Division Manager (SVP) Purchasing and Development, BMW AG

“The creation and management of tenders for complex systems and development services, as well as coordination and communication between all parties involved, is usually extremely time-consuming and laborious.

Cesonia helps to optimize this process across all internal and external stakeholders. In addition to drawing up individual specifications, coordinating them with superiors until final approval has been obtained, Cesonia also allows all tender documents to be subsequently sent to the suppliers to be requested. A workflow-based change management system enables efficient and consistent coordination of changes with all stakeholders, as well as the revision-proof traceability of different version statuses at any time.