The Cesonia Collaboration Suite pilot has officially ended.

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Get to know our unique perspective

The basic premise of Cesonia was based on the belief that the existing data silos within organizations are obsolete and pose unsolvable challenges and complications.

Three like-minded people took on the challenge of developing and bringing to life a platform that not only eases the pains of the users but also resonates with the highest standards of safety and security. What started as the brainchild of these three young entrepreneurs is now a team of more than 29 people. We garner support from mentors, industry leaders, and various organizations, who strengthen our belief in what we do and the difference it can make.

Meet the founders


Management & Finance

Group Leader, International Business Development, and Information Security Officer in the Automotive Industry.


Overall architecture & algorithms

Doctorate at the Chair of Database Systems and Data Mining of the LMU Munich on the topic of
distributed systems.


Senior Developer Advocate

Doctorate at the Chair of Database Systems and Data Mining at the LMU Munich on the topic of distributed systems.

Board of Advisors



Expert of many years in electric/electronic and complete vehicle development at a Munich automotive company, besides tasks in E/E component and system development, among others also with responsible activities in process optimization with a special focus on requirements engineering.



A long-standing expert in the automotive environment. Has held various management positions as VP and SVP at BMW, including in the areas of strategy, M&A, purchasing, and development. As CEO, he managed the joint venture for electric drives of BMW and PSA Today, Wolfgang Güllich is a freelance M&A consultant and investor, as well as a business angel and mentor, supporting start-ups with a focus on digitalization in the automotive industry with his experience and know-how.

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