We are working on a secure solution to connect companies and their individual IT systems as a backbone without storing project data ourselves. In this manner, current data and information can be securely exchanged and flexible and consistent collaboration along the entire supply chain is enabled.

Cesonia Data Virtualization

The Cesonia Data Virtualization serves to connect and manage different IT systems and data sources of an organization and creates a “virtual” data room. It distributes uniform data services across multiple users and applications. This enables faster access to distributed data in the source systems, a reduction of replications, and a decrease in costs. The Cesonia Data Virtualization offers flexible data management for a multitude of different Use Cases.

Cesonia Collaboration Center

The Cesonia Collaboration Center unites all involved partners with the necessary information. In combination with the Cesonia Data Virtualization and the Cesonia Business Network, it allows a “Single Point of Truth” for all involved parties based on internal and external, distributed data. Thanks to the centrally provided user interface, it supports similar functions to a cloud-based collaboration platform for more consistent collaborations.

Cesonia Workflow Manager

The Cesonia Workflow Manager enables process and rule-based collaboration between organizations. By modeling and implementing its own as well as standardized processes and workflows, it supports the cross-company synchronization of individual business processes. This helps to efficiently design and organize coordination and communication between companies in the best possible way.

Cesonia Business Network

The Cesonia Business Network enables the fast integration of business partners. In combination with the comprehensive rights and role management and a Blockchain-based audit trail, a peer-to-peer network enables secure, traceable and end-to-end encrypted data exchange and collaboration across company boundaries.