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The Cost-Effective Alternative for Efficient and Effective Requirements Management

Cesonia’s cost-effective requirements management solution enables the management and coordination of all requirements of complex products along the product development process and across different organizational units.

In times of digitalization, product complexity is constantly increasing, which is why the development of new products is facing enormous challenges. This includes the creation and management of meaningful and clear requirements and their interdependencies, the traceability of changes and different versions and baselines, and finally the coordination and further development of these with all affected stakeholders.

Our Solutions

Manage Complex Interdependencies

Mapping of complex dependencies in product and communication to minimize the effects and consequences of product changes and rapid assessment considering all stakeholders

Collaborate Throughout the Company

Consistent and holistic understanding and coordination of requirements, goals, progress, and changes to avoid discrepancies and friction between all parties involved in the development

Work on a Single Source of Truth

Management of all requirements, their dependencies, and individual attributes as well as the owner of the requirement in a central requirements catalog, for any further use in different projects

VP, Requirements Management


Simple communication of requirements, goals, progress, and correlations in real-time


Enhancing and ensuring product quality through a better understanding of customer needs

Security & Integration

To be set up on-premise or as a secure full-service solution in the cloud

Risk reduction

Reducing risks through real-time status updates and individual metrics