The Cesonia Collaboration Suite pilot has officially ended.

For any queries regarding your RFQ, please contact your responsible purchaser.

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The End-to-End Tender Management Solution for Highly Networked Supply Chains

Cesonia increases the efficiency of the supplier selection process through transparent and supply chain-wide requirements management.

The focus is on supporting consistent workflows between purchasing, development, and suppliers, as well as revision-proof change management. The consistent focus on defined processes and the consideration of the applied methods optimize the results in terms of speed, quality, and traceability in equal measure. This allows both process-related potentials as well as those in production and development to be raised.

Our Solution

Collaboration along the supply & process chain

Seamless collaboration between purchasing, development, and suppliers as well as all parties involved in the tendering and awarding process

Creation and sharing of tender documents

Efficient and effective creation compilation of supplier-specific tender documents and transmission of consistent inquiry status

End-to-End change management

Audit-proof version and change management for transparent coordination and control of changes

Evaluation and comparison of supplier offers

Easy evaluate the economic and technical impact of changes and compare offers and suppliers

VP, Tender Management


Seamless collaboration and coordination in real-time

Fast and easy onboarding of suppliers and sharing of tender documents


Audit-proof and workflow-based change management

Full traceability of changes and versions among all involved parties


Evaluation and comparison of individual supplier offers

Overview of approval and evaluation statuses of various process partners